Our Story

Fáilte roimh an Teaghlach
/welcome to the family/
Toora Loora is a Seattle-based children’s clothing brand that brings together quality, functionality and style. Each piece is created with care and inspired by our little ones. From the fabric, to the patterns and finishing touches – every detail has been thoughtfully designed to ensure comfort and functionality.
Quality meets functionality. Toora Loora garments are custom designed and crafted with your baby in mind. We pride ourselves on a soft and durable fabric collection. In fact, we've put a lot of consideration into the fabric itself – prioritizing materials that stretch for movement without compromising softness or durability. From every zipper, to snaps and buttons, the Toora Loora collection is made to last with materials that are durable and easy to care for. We also are proud to partner with suppliers that are environmentally responsible and prioritize sustainable manufacturing practices.
We give back. As a locally owned and operated business, we know the impact local partners and community members can have on an organization. That's why we’re proud to partner with, and donate 5% of our profits to, Babies of Homelessness, a local volunteer organization that relies 100% on donations.
Toora Loora is made by parents, for parents. We are a team of moms and dads that are passionate about creating quality clothes for little ones that reflect our personal style. Based in Seattle, we are proud of our Northwest roots.
The company was founded by Kevin Connolly in 2017, when he took a step back from a successful career in technology to pursue his dream as a Dadpreneur. The remaining members of our team are moms with diverse professional backgrounds in apparel design, creative design, consulting and communications fields.
What’s behind the meaning of Toora Loora? The name ‘Toora Loora’ was inspired by an Irish lullaby.
“I was born and raised in Ireland and remember my mother singing it to me as a child. My wife and I now sing it to our sons, who are the true heartbeat behind the brand.”
– Kevin Connolly, Owner and Founder of Toora Loora
We hope you love our clothing as much as we do and appreciate you being a part of the Toora Loora journey!